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Elena Carnibella

Who I am

I’m Elena Carnibella, a Court-certified translator

I have been authorised by the Court of Udine to provide sworn translations from Italian to German and English and vice versa. This means I translate official documents and texts required by national and international authorities and validate them with my signature.

Born and raised in South Tyrol,

now I live in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

I am an experienced translator and interpreter of German and English into Italian. I have always loved translating, ever since I was a schoolgirl in South Tyrol/Alto Adige, the region of Italy where I grew up and where German is the second official language. I currently live in another region that shares a border with German-speaking Austria, where I can use my language skills outside of work as well.

After graduating from university in Vienna in 1998, I spent eight years in Milan where I translated extensively for a law firm with a German partner, as well as for several translation agencies and the Court of Milan, from English and German into Italian.

For six years I served as commissioner on the examination board of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano for bilingual Italian/German certification.



I have been a freelance translator since 2000, translating business, psycho-pedagogical and legal documents and providing sworn translation services for both the public administration and private companies.



Computer-assisted translation software often helps, but years of experience and being well organised are what makes the difference.




Take nothing for granted. Ask for confirmation that I have understood perfectly. Take the time to proofread. These are the cornerstones of precision in my work.


Identifying with the reader

This is because, as Anthony Burgess said, “Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”



And what I translate: legal documents, advertising material, technical manuals

Traduzioni testi per studi legali - Elena Carnibella

Law Firms and Insurance Companies

Business contracts for companies, diplomas and birth certificates, with care to use the specific, official terms of the destination country.

Traduzioni testi per aziende - Elena Carnibella


My expertise extends to the fields of mechanics, information technology, quality manuals, woodworking, furniture, wine making, milk and cheese, clothing, footwear, tourism and art.

Traduzioni testi per agenzie di traduzioni - Elena Carnibella

Translation agencies

I work with translation agencies in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain. I scrupulously follow instructions, glossaries and all reference material.

Traduzioni testi per la pubblica amministrazione PA - Elena Carnibella traduttrice

Public Administration

Administrative and legal documents, texts on art, tourist information and psycho-pedagogy handbooks for the public administration, particularly for the Province of Bolzano and the Court of Udine.

Traduzioni testi per la le strutture alberghiere - Elena Carnibella traduttrice


I translate brochures, websites, leaflets, newsletters, posts for social networks, advertising campaigns, promotional articles and blog posts.

Traduzioni testi per agenzie di comunicazione - Elena Carnibella

Communication agencies

I work creatively, putting myself in the shoes of the person who will read my translation, while always remaining faithful to the original text.

How I work

I translate an average of 1,800 standard pages every year

Elena Carnibella traduttrice inglese tedesco a Udine
Elena Carnibella traduttrice inglese tedesco a Udine

Experience, precision, speed and identifying with the reader

are what define my work.

The speed that comes with experience can be improved by computer-assisted translation software. Although these programs are especially useful to ensure consistent syntax and terminology when translating repetitive texts such as technical manuals, they are no more than tools.

The translator’s perceptiveness and perspicuity are essential for a high-quality text tailored to the end user.

I also believe that other key factors are utmost precision and expertise in the specific fields, which can be gained through refresher courses and dialogue with clients, who at times provide reference material such as previous translations and glossaries of the terms they use. Other times, it is up to me to study and search for the terms and expressions used in the sector, for instance when the client is entering the Italian market for the first time.

Without exception, collaboration and dialogue are crucial for effective translations.


How to request a quote and what there is to know.

The cost is calculated by line, word or page (a standard page equals 1,500 characters, with spaces) depending on the client’s country, plus approximately 15%. This is because the Italian is generally longer than the original English/German text.

In addition to the cost of the translation, the quote includes the sworn translation fee and tax stamps. The amount of the tax stamps depends on the number of translated lines


The time needed varies based on the amount and difficulty of the text to be translated. The deadline is agreed on a case-by-case basis with the client.

Via e-mail as a text file, preferably in Word.
If the text is available in hard copy only (e.g., a diploma or certificate), I recommend scanning and sending it via e-mail, photographing and sending it with a smartphone or making a photocopy and sending it by post or delivering it by hand if possible.

In this case, I need the original document because it must be attached to the translation and the sworn translation form, which together form a single dossier that the client can submit to the authority that has requested it.

I send it to the client along with the original document and sworn translation form.

In this case, the translation must also be legalized, which means I must submit the sworn translation to the Public Prosecutor’s office so an official “apostille” can be attached to it. Accordingly, the “apostille” will also be included with the translation delivered by post.

As a certified translator, I am liable under civil and criminal law for the accuracy of every sworn translation, and I sign and stamp my work.

Bank transfer.

Some publications

…and many other magazines, brochures and websites for hotels, historical monuments, expositions, milk and dairy products, shoes and the woodworking industry.

Contact me

To discuss a project or request a quote


Via Tavagnacco 89/B, 33100 UDINE (UD)

Phone and Fax

T. +39 (0)432 1928447
F. +39 (0)432 688568


Send a message

Send a message with your request.
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Either way, I will reply as soon as possible.

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